About Us

We've all been there. Our cars have hit a kangaroo, slipped on black ice or we’ve just backed into someone at the supermarket.

It’s the service you never want to use – but it’s great to know it’s there.
Daylesford Hepburn Smash Repairs has just opened off East Street in Railway Crescent, and they (that’s owners Aaron Leslie and Amanda Hamilton )  know how important customer service is when you’ve just had a bingle.
(Oh, before you read on, put that emergency number in your mobile phone – 0401 885 135…and the phone of everyone member of your family who drives!)Then there’s the courtesy cars available – no more begging rides from neighbours and family just because your car is in the shop, free pick and drop offs and complimentary valet services. That’s true hospitality.

Clients can also nominate Daylesford Hepburn Smash Repairs as their preferred repairer through their insurance company.
With their history in the trade, the insurance companies have already got them well on their radars as a no-fuss business that works to the book.

We just want to project a friendly happy vibe, offer fabulous customer service and be a part of the community.